The world of Darken has been getting cold. People are starting to get desperate. They have moved north in droves, trying to get away from the cold.

A mad king, known as Darman Trisondi the Wrathful, has been declaring magic illegal to use. He is a great mage himself, and clearly doesn’t wish to have anyone else access the incredible power of magic.

As it is, magic seems to be leaving the world. The amount of dedication necessary for magic is something far fewer people seem to have time for, anymore preparing just to live takes far too long, leaving no time to study. Magical devices are all but unheard of.

In a tomb, an old mummy resides. The legends that surround the mummy are great. It is said that the catacombs that surround the old mummy are haunted. A great many adventurers have attempted the tombs, only to have been killed, or worse, driven mad.

The Aceni, who are evil ice faeries, have been growing in number with the cold. It is said that the Aceni can’t even be killed in a cold environment, so as the cold spreads northward, The Aceni become even more powerful. A powerful drow city, Underron, was recently overcome by the Aceni.

The Dwarves have all but disappeared.

There is a group of cloud giants that declared themselves the true rulers of a republic called Askarip. The cloud giants quickly disposed of the leaders of Askarip, and a few locals are attempting to wage a guerrilla campaign against the cloud giants. However, the cloud giants are far too tough. It is known that a storm giant resides in the area, but he has not moved an inch in a century, according to rumor.

Halfling caravans, the real merchants of the lands, have been raided over and over again by hobgoblins. These hobgoblins possess far more magic than is the norm for hobgoblins, and seem to have run afoul of the mighty Darman.

In the land known as Solem, a nobleman has vowed to find a way to fight the cold. He searches for those who would find something that would bring the heat back to the dying world.

He has even plead with goblins and orcs, trying to get them to search for possible shamans within their own ranks that would be willing to help. None of these negotiation of his have panned out for the better, however. The King of Solem is starting to grow weary of his attempts.

In the city of Alchem, in the province of Skarda in Solem, two goblin mages are preparing a brew. They needed some test subjects, so they sent their the warriors and shamans from the goblin village nearby to collect a few. They have managed to do so, and when the mages heard word, they began preparing the brew…

Land of Darken